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The purpose of traditional eyelash extensions is to increase the length and shape of your natural eyelashes. There are eyelash extensions for all types of looks. You can get extensions to make your eyelashes look fuller, thicker, and curlier. Nowadays, women are interested in extensions which add more volume to their natural eyelashes too. This requires them to get a special set of extensions called “3D eyelash extensions.”

eyelashes extension London

3D eyelash extensions rely on what is called the “Russian volume lashes” technique, or simply the Russian lashes technique. When you get a regular extension done, the beautician or specialist will apply one single extension to each individual eyelash that you have. The 3D eyelash extension is a bit different because the specialist will add several extensions per individual eyelash. This will make your eyelashes look about 3 times thicker and appear much fluffier and softer.

You might think that all these extensions over each individual eyelash are a bit much for your natural eyelashes to handle. Fortunately, the eyelashes of the 3D extensions are much thinner than what you would find in the traditional eyelash extensions. This is how multiple 3D extensions can be placed together safely over a single eyelash. After all, isn’t the health of your natural eyelashes the most important thing? If you were to place extensions that are too thick, it would jeopardize your natural eyelash health significantly. Then you would not be able to place any type of extensions on your eyelashes for a long time.

For a while, 3D eyelash extensions were only something that you would see celebrities use. Now they have become popular with the mainstream public too. It only costs between $200 to $300 to have a professional application for the extensions over your natural eyelashes. It is certainly not recommended that you do this yourself, though. A lot of people attempt to apply for their own 3D eyelash extensions, but it usually has devastating results. Since they are more complex than your average extensions, it is better to have a professional handle the task.

You should get new 3D eyelash extensions every 90 days. This will ensure the extensions stay strong with little risk of the lashes falling out. It will also give the professional a chance to look at your natural eyelashes and make sure they are in good health. They should be fine because the light weight of the 3D eyelashes means they won’t put too much weight on your natural eyelashes.

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