How do Russian volume compare to Individual Eyelash Extensions and the benefits of having them?

The main benefits for having Russian Volume lashes is the natural-look you can achieve with lots of volume. As the lashes used are generally .07mm so they are so light you don’t even feel theirthere until you look in the mirror and say ‘Wow’! These lashes make a huge difference to clients particularly with sparse, fine and short lashes as the volume will disguise this. Unlike individual extensions someone with sparse lashes as they shed can appear ‘spidery’.



Individual Eyelash extensions they are applied to your ‘individual’ lashes.  That is, one lash to one lash.  Because application technique is safe for your natural lashes a long lasting glue is used so that the lashes last for several weeks.  This technique also means you can safely add ‘in-fills’ to replace those lashes that have shed. This style gives a very natural look which is great even on those days when you wear no make up!



Please follow these guidelines to help keep your eyelash extensions looking beautiful.

  • Be gentle with your new lashes, do not get them wet for the first 24 hours after application, refrain from touching or rubbing them. The golden rule is: look but don’t touch.
  • Avoid swimming, steam rooms, saunas, or extreme heat for 48 hours after application.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler on the lash extensions or try to perm or tint them. This will break the bond on the extensions and might damage your natural lashes.
  • Do not use oil-based products (oil-based eye makeup, makeup remover, moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen) on or near your lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes roughly when cleaning your face and avoid running water directly on your lashes.
  • Avoid sleeping face down to prevent pressing against your eyelashes.
  • Using mascara on eyelash extensions is not recommended. If you must wear mascara, only use water-based mascara, please do not use waterproof or oil-based mascara as removing this is difficult to do without damaging your natural eyelashes.
  • Do not pull on any loose extensions or you risk plucking out your natural eyelashes. Do not attempt to remove the lash extensions yourself; allow the extensions to fall off naturally or schedule an appointment to have them professionally removed.
  • Maintain your lash extensions with regular touch-up appointments ( every 2-3 weeks), please schedule in advance as availability can be limited.


  • Do not wear eye makeup. Makeup close to the eye area must be removed prior to the application process. Use a mild, oil-free cleanser. Do not use oil-based makeup removers.
  • Do not apply face creams or sunblock in the eye area. The oil found in many moisturizers prevents eyelash adhesive from bonding to the natural eyelash and reduces the longevity of your eyelash extensions.
  • Do not put on mascara. Removing mascara can be very time-consuming and any residual makeup will prevent proper application of the extensions.