Russian Volume Lashes

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A lot of women like to get Russian lashes to enhance their outer beauty. They just aren’t satisfied with their natural eyelashes. Perhaps they are not voluminous enough or they’re just way too short. If that’s the case with your eyelashes, then you should consider 3D eyelashes extensions. These are basically Russian volume lashes that get placed over your natural eyelashes to make them look fuller. But you can do a lot more than just that. There are a variety of eyelashes extension options available that each has their own unique designs to them. You just need to find the one that’s right for you.

Russian lashes are actually individual lash extensions because they are installed over each individual eyelash above your eyes. That way, these semi-permanent eyelashes extensions will look more natural and make it more difficult for people to tell they’re fake. Of course, you are allowed to apply mascara afterward to darken your eyelashes and make them appear even more attractive. Just follow the advice of your eyelash technician because they are the experts on these kinds of eyelash extension installations.

Do not worry about the integrity of your natural eyelashes. They will not be damaged by these 3d eyelashes extensions. In fact, numerous women throughout the world have gotten these extensions applied to their eyelashes for several years. And because they are semi-permanent eyelashes extensions, you don’t need to take them off every day. You can leave them on for just over one month. It really depends on how fast your natural eyelashes are growing. If they grow too fast, then your extensions will need to get reapplied a lot sooner.

Most beauty salons will have eyelash technicians available who can perform these individual lash extension applications. Even though the extensions are supposed to last for over one month, you should probably go back to the salon every 2 or 3 weeks just to get them maintained and looking their best. Avoid using any eye products which contain oil ingredients because they will damage your extensions a lot. Stick to oil-free mascara to maintain the authentic look of your eyelashes. By doing this, people will see your thicker and fuller eyelash extensions and become jealous of how natural they appear to be.

There are a few other tips that you should be aware of for maintaining your eyelashes extensions. The first tip is to avoid extremely hot or steamy environments, such as hot tubs and saunas. The second tip is to avoid rubbing your eyes because that could inadvertently cause the extensions to come loose or get damaged. If you can follow this advice, your extensions should stay looking great.

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